Swimming Games For Kids

Taking the kids swimming is a great way to ensure they are getting exercise and having fun at the same time.  Not only does playing in the pool build their confidence it teaches them a life lesson of not being afraid of the water.  Playing water games is a great incentive for them to want to go swimming.  Here are some easy and fun water games for you to play with the kids.

Swimming Games For Kids

Swimming GamesSimons Says:

Form a circle and one person will be Simon and he shouts out Simon says do a headstand, Simon says touch the bottom, Simon says do a role-poly.

If you don’t say “Simon says” before it and someone does it, they’re out. The  last one left is the winner, who will be Simon in the next game.

Treasure Toss:

Throw some coins into the pool, the children dive down to collect them and get to keep the coins.

Water Ball Relay:

A ball must be transported between players they can only use their heads.  The aim is to not let the ball fall into the water

Ring a’ Ring O Roses:

Everyone stands in a big circle and holds hands, you start skipping in the same direction and sing ring a ring o roses which goes like this:

Ring a ring o roses

Pocket full of posies

A tissue, a tissue

We all fall down

When you get to the end of the song you all duck under water or all jump up.

Shark Attack:

Everyone lines up against the side of the pool. You can be the shark and everyone else is a fish. Then, when you shout ‘Shark!’, all the fish swim off to get away from you.

After everyone’s escaped, shout ‘Fish!’ and go and try to catch the fish. As soon as you catch one, they are the shark and have to go and catch a fish!

Deep Dive!

See if you can touch the bottom of the pool with one hand. How about two hands? If that was easy, how about sitting on the bottom and watching your bubbles float to the top.  Wear goggles to make it easier.

Swimming Through Legs!

Stand in a star shape with someone facing you. Then they have to try and swim under water through your legs – make sure you open your legs wide enough! Then it’s your turn.

What’s the time Mr. Shark?

Everyone lines up against the side of the pool.  One person is Mr Shark and that person stands on the other side of the pool with their back to everyone.  They all shout out together, “What’s the time Mr Shark?” and you have to shout back the time.  If you shout “1 o’clock!” they all have to take 1 step towards you. If you shout “4 o’clock!” they have to take 4 steps, and so on.  After they’ve asked you a few times, you can shout “Dinner time!” and try and catch someone to eat.

Make sure you don’t do it too early, or they’ll all make it back to the other side. When you do catch someone, it’s their turn to be Mr Shark and try to eat someone!

Hope your kids enjoy this selection of water games. Here are a few more ideas for games

Image by Chiot’s Run