Disaster Strikes and Lessons Learned

If you remember my last post then you’ll know how optimistic I was for this coming year. Now to be clear, I am still very optimistic that this is going to be a great year, I mean, for one, I’m blogging consistently. However, disaster struck at home when our furnace decided to no longer work. Of course this would happen in the middle of a cold snap.

cold-days-aheadWe had to get the thing fixed we did end up costing an arm and a leg. Luckily we were able to dip into our savings fund a bit so we didn’t feel too much of an impact, especially after the Christmas season. Now, i’m trying to stay positive about the situation and I did find a silver lining in the whole thing. The furnace breakdown did cause me to take some time to look up exactly what I should be doing to make sure this doesn’t happen again. I figured I’d share my findings with the readers, and yes, I realize that this is not my typical healthy living style post.

So, we should all be having regular furnace maintenance – we got lucky that we only need to few a few electrical wires. I read about cases where people had to replace the whole unit which ends up costing way more than an arm and a leg. We ended up schedule a year check with our repair company so we’ll now be able to avoid this situation again.

Just to be clear, we did have it looked at a few years ago but we need to make sure it’s more often than that. So it may be worth checking your records to find out when your last service was.

Well, like I said, not my typical blog post but I thought this was worth sharing and still fits into my plan to blog more often and still talk about my life and lifestyle.

Let me know what you think about this kind of post. Was it a complete bore-fest? Reach out to me on Twitter if you like!

2015 – A Busy Mother’s Year In Review

Don’t have too much time for this one today but I did want to do a short write up on a year that was one crazy ride.

I saw a video that really sparked the idea for this blog post – check it out below:

texas_trip_horse2015 was all about discovering new places with my favorite people. My partner and I had the opportunity to explore more our our beautiful home state, Texas! We took two road trips, one to visit family in Houston and the other to visit old college friends in Dallas. This was big for us because it was one of the first trips we’ve taken without the little ones – luckily for us, Grandma helped out. Normally an epic road trip like this would have involved lots of planning a head of time. We really have the keep the kids occupied with different activities along the way otherwise we tend to go a bit…. well… crazy.

The girls and I took a trip to California where we treated ourselves to wine and spas. The ladies at La Estetica in San Francisco (well, San Mateo) made us feel right at home and treated us like we were royalty. Then we popped up to the wine country and the rest starts to get a little bit hazy after that.

Finding that balance between letting yourself unwind and working hard has always been a difficult thing for me. I feel like this year I really was able to get more balance and this effected all different areas of my life in a positive way. From the people I was with to the things I was doing, being happier in general made every experience more memorable.

I’m looking forward to what 2016 brings. I’m hoping I can piggy-back off this positive energy that 2015 had and really hit the ground running in 2016. One of my goals, like always, is to blog more and to share my thoughts and experiences. These seems to always get left at the bottom of the lift but I am going to try make a conscience effort to apply myself more in this area.

Happy New Year Followers!


California Getaway – Spa Trip For Mothers Day

This year was an extra special Mother’s Day as I was able to visit my own Mother in San Francisco, well she lives in San Mateo, but San Francisco is where I tell people we’re going. Not only did my Mom get to see her kids she also got to see her grand kids for the first time in many months. Aka: I get to have some time to visit day spas!

Quick Note: I know my blog is normally about parenting tips and activities but I’m starting to realize just how important it is to make time to treat yourself as well, it’s all about finding balance.

You may have read my blog post on moving with kids, well, many of the same principles apply when you’re traveling with kids. Here are a few of the main points that are worth noting when traveling with kids.

First, always pack ahead of time. Doing stuff last minute never works because there is always something that comes up. In our case, it was the family car that decided to stop working the day before we had to leave. Good thing I was all packed and ready to go otherwise I leaving would have been a nightmare.

The second is all about making sure you have the right entertainment. Keeping the little ones preoccupied is the main goal when traveling. As soon as they’re bored that when the unpredictable things start happening. They decided to wonder off and go on their own adventure.

All in all the trip to San Francisco was smooth sailing. Luckily, I prepared ahead of time. Now it was time to hand off the kids with Grandma, meet up with some old friends and explore some of California best spas and wineries.

I love being able to completely relax after a couple of stressful months. A friend suggested that on my trip back home to California we should do a “Spa-Crawl”, derived from the classic Pub Crawl idea. The goal was to visit a different Local Spa each day I was staying in San Mateo. How could I pass up such a great opportunity to unwind. So, I started researching different the best spas in San Mateo. There were a lot to choose from I had to narrow down my options slightly.

Our criteria? As much as I would like to go crazy and visit some of california’s luxury spas, I just couldn’t afford to. However, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that mid-range day spas were exactly what we were looking for. All in all we tried five different day spa. From a wellness spa to a foot spa and even a hydro-therapy spa. However, at the end of the day, there can only be one winning in my make-believe contest. And the winner of my best spa in SM goes too…. This San Mateo spa


spa in san mateo CAWe had such an amazing time visiting this spa that I even had to blog about it. This was one of the best and most relaxing experiences I’ve had in a very long time. We started with a mud-mask facials and then had a peel and waxing done (I’m not afraid of getting into details!). The best part of the whole experience was just how knowledgeable the staff was, I really felt like I was being taken care of. If any one is interested in knowing more about the spa you can of course contact me by leaving a comment below. You can also visit La Estetica Wellness Spa San Mateo Facebook Page.

Below are a few honorable mentions:

We had a fantastic experience at Cathy’s Spa as well. She was so good and really made us feel like we had been their a hundred times before.

Stay tuned for my next blog on some of the wineries we visited in California.