High Protein Snacks For Kids

We all know those little rug-rats can be picky eaters. Getting them to eat healthy and balanced foods can be a challenge to say the least. However, for little ones who are always on the go, exercise is equally as important as a high protein diet.

Protein builds, maintains, and replaces the tissues in your body. Your muscles, your organs, and your immune system are made up mostly of protein. This is extremely important for growing little ones.

Here are a few examples for high protein meal ideas. It’s important to remember that although you want high protein foods, you don’t want to high sugar foods.

High Protein Meals

Cheese SnackMeats such as Turkey breast have almost 30g of protein per 100g. A turkey sandwich can be a convenient and delicious lunch that kids can take on the go.

Keep fruit such as apples, oranges, berries and melons in the fridge. One way you can keep fruit interesting is by using cookie cutters to make different shapes, even creating letters out of the fruit. Playing with your food isn’t always a bad thing!

Another snack that will keep kids coming back is cheese. One way to make cheese fun and interesting is make little bite-sized cubes. If you’re kids are old enough, try making fun kabobs out of different kinds of cheese.

Breakfast is the most important meal for active, growing kids. One food that is not only versatile but extremely high in protein is eggs. Eggs are great because they can be use in so many different types of meals. From scrambled, to boiled and all the way to french toast, the possibilities are quite endless; this keeps kids interested and coming back for more eggs.

For Parents

Although you will need more protein per day, the type of food doesn’t change. This is great as you don’t need to make meals specifically for children. To get even more protein into your diet you can try using Best Protein Powder for weight loss. Protein powders aren’t recommended for children as their bodies are still developing. However, for adults, protein powders are a great way to top up for daily intake. One way to do this is to create protein smoothies in the morning. You can add all your favourite ingredients such as, milk, yogurt, fruit to get that taste you like.

For more ideas, check out this site: http://www.healthychild.net/NutritionAction.php?article_id=455 or http://bestProteinPowderforwomen.me

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Tips For Moving With Kids

When young children are told they are moving they often feel scared, frightened and likely feel that their world is collapsing. Because a young child’s home is their safety net that they associate with family, love and comfort the thought of it disappearing can be quite frightening.  Explain to them exactly what will happen, and take the time to read some age-appropriate books about moving together.  For older children, the thought of leaving their friends, school and teachers and a familiar routine can be just as difficult.

Moving Tips For Kids

Moving With KidsBe positive, realistic and honest. Tell your children the good things that will come from this move, and why it will be good for the entire family. But do not make promises you can’t keep and don’t exaggerate.

To ensure your kids feel like they’re involved in this big life-changing event, and to help make the transition a little easier, below are a few tips for a smooth transition:

Have a goodbye party. Give your kids an opportunity to say goodbye to the people who matter to them most. Kids love a celebration, and this can be a great way to turn your move into a positive and exciting experience.

Let the kids help you pack. If they’re old enough, let them help you pack some of their personal belongings. Even at a young age, kids can sort their toys and help you wrap objects in tissue paper or bubble wrap. If you’ll be putting some things into storage, ask them what they would like to keep and what they don’t mind parting with for a little while.

Leave one box of toys to pack for last. Don’t make the mistake of packing all the toys first as you will be left with bored kids.  Your kids are going to need some things right up until you move out of your house.

Once you begin packing, label boxes of kids’ things very clearly.  Don’t just label boxes with the word “toys.” To make life easier for later on, include  as much detail about what is in the box as you can because, trust me, you won’t remember.

Make moving an adventure. Moving creates upheaval in your life, and wreaks havoc on your child’s normal routine, so take advantage and let your kids do things you normally wouldn’t.  Perhaps let them stay up late or have treats you don’t normally allow. I’m pretty sure that all the extra trips to fast-food restaurants will be welcomed.

You may want to keep extra clothes handy during your move because you never know when you’ll need them.  I’ve also found it helpful to keep extra ziploc bags and stain-treating spray handy, since you might not have access to a washing machine straight away.

Invest in a cooler, at some point before you move, you will have to unplug your refrigerator.  This can make it difficult to feed your kids, so I’ve found a cooler to be a lifesaver. It’s a great place to store heathy snacks like apples, veggie slices, prepared smoothies, and low-fat cheeses.

If you have a potty trained toddler or a pre-schooler and are travelling a long distance remember to keep some pull-ups handy.  It will give you peace of mind in case you can’t find a bathroom along the way.

Moving BoxesBuy a small backpack that your child can keep with them for the entire move.  Pack the bag with favourite toys and activities like dolls, books or blankets as well as other toys that they can play with along the way.

Don’t be in a hurry to unpack. If you start emptying everything out of boxes, immediately you’ll have piles of stuff everywhere, this will create unnecessary stress for everyone.  Unpack what you need slowly but make it feel like home, make it a priority to hang or display some of your familiar personal items as soon as possible. Doing this will help to make a new house feel like home for both you and your children.

Keep some DVDs handy that will keep your little ones entertained while you unpack.

Maintain your familiar routines as much as you can.  Once you’re in your new home, some things will change. But try to maintain the aspects of your life that are most important to your kids. Stick to familiar bedtime routines and continue your tradition of Saturday morning pancakes if you can.

Make sure you take the time to reassure your kids that you are a constant in their life. When young kids lose the security of a home they’ve always known, they can become insecure about losing other important things in their life, too. Remember to remind them that even when homes and friends have to change, you will always be there for them.

Make a big deal about all the exciting new things you can do. A new home means new friends and new opportunities. Get out and explore all the cool new attractions that you can visit if you’re in a new city, or take advantage of all the neat things your new home has to offer that your old home didn’t.

Buy some blank postcards they are a great way to stay connected to friends and family.  Kids will be proud to show off their new home, and even young children who can’t write can draw a picture to send to friends or a family member.

Lastly, once you’ve unpacked keep the moving boxes for your kids. They make fantastic tunnels and forts that will keep them entertained for hours!

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Themed Birthday Party Ideas

So your child’s birthday is fast approaching and you’re racking your brain trying to come up with some savvy ideas. Of course you could do the usual and invite some children over to run around the backyard like every parent does, but you want something cool and unique to make your little one feel really special.

Below is just a sample of some fun chic birthday party ideas that will make your child’s birthday party a bash to remember.

Themed BirthdayBirthday Party Themes

Aquarium Party:

a party at the aquarium is a guaranteed fun time. There is nothing on Earth quite like getting so close to exotic creatures of the deep. Most importantly it won’t cost you an arm and leg. Many aquariums offer special party rooms and you can even request a special behind-the-scenes tour.

Museum Party:

Museums may be educational but they are still lots of fun for kids. If your child loves the museum, a party amongst the artifacts will be the perfect setting. Some facilities offer party ready rooms with special tours available. Or go on a tour of the museum and celebrate afterwards with a cake to look like your child’s favorite exhibit, such as a mummy, t-rex or an Egyptian pyramid.

Go-Kart Party:

Your child may not be old enough to drive yet so this is a perfect time to let your child and his friends get behind the wheel. Go-karts racing can offer an afternoon of fun since all party attendees will actually be racing its one of the most engaging and crowd pleasing birthday activities.

Cupcake Party:

Yes you may have a huge mess to clean up afterward but throwing a cupcake party will be easy. Purchase lots of different flavorings, toppings, icings and of course, eggs, butter and flour. If you really want to go all out buy personalized aprons as party favours. The birthday child and the baking crew will remember this party long after the sugar highs have disappeared.

Bowling Party:

Bowling parties are super fun, they are affordable and fun for parents too. Some bowling lanes offer birthday packages that include two hours of bowling, shoes and pizza for everyone. You may also be able to rent a private room to gather at afterwards to open presents.

Of course there are many themed parties, outdoor or indoor parties the key is to start planning as early as possible to ensure it’s a hit.

For more information and other ideas try this site


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Rainy Day Activities For Kids

Rainy DayWondering what to do with the kids when its pouring with rain outside, believe it or not a rainy day can actually be lots of fun for young kids. There are tons of indoor activities that you can take advantage of. You can have fun with Playdough, get musical, do arts and crafts activities, play games, have fun in the kitchen or sing and dance.

Rainy Day Activities For Kids

Here’s a easy Play-dough recipe that will keep for a long time in a airtight container, I make this for my kids and they love it especially as they can make whichever colour they choose.


  • 250g plain flour
  • 50g salt
  • 140ml water
  • 1 or 2 tablespoons of cooking oil
  • Few drops of food colouring


  • Mix together the flour and sale in a large mixing bowl, add the water and oil.
  • Knead well until mixture is smooth about 10 minutes. Just add a bit more flour or water until the consistency is smooth.
  • Add food colouring and knead until the colour if completely blended.
  • Store in a plastic bag in an airtight container.

Want to make music? Get out your pots and pans and use wooden spoons – you have your own drum set. Use the lids as cymbals. Use plastic bottles as shaker bottles, fill them with small stones or pasta shells, think you get the picture, a little noisy but lots of fun.

Make potato stamps it’s a simple and fun art activity. All you need are a few potatoes, wash and dry them, slice them in half and use a marker to outline your shape, remember you will be cutting these shapes that will only need to be a quarter inch deep. Do not cut through your shape as the shape should protrude out from the rest of the potatoe.

Pour your paint into a shallow dish and dip the potato stamp into the paint and press against the paper if you are making posters or onto blank cards or t-shirts.

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Summer Activities for Teens

Figuring out how to keep teens busy during the summer months can be quite challenging, going to the park or playing video games day after day isn’t really challenging.  Some ideas that you can discuss with your teen that may appeal to them are:

Summer Activities For Teens

Summer ActivitiesVolunteering: This requires a little leg work at the beginning in order to determine where your teen would like to volunteer, but the experience can certainly be rewarding.  There are numerous places that offer volunteering opportunities.  If your teen is interested in the medical field they can volunteer at a hospital or a medical centre.  Perhaps he/she may be interested in working with animals, an animal shelter or veterinary clinic would be a perfect place for them to help and learn.  If your child enjoys reading then a book shop or a library would be the perfect place for them to offer their time, especially as it would keep them interested in reading.  Perhaps Video and Television Production appeals to your child.  There are numerous companies in every community that has these companies and it’s a perfect place for your child to learn the ropes.  Volunteering will allow your teen to build their confidence and it will help them eliminate a field that they thought they might be interested in pursuing as a career but after volunteering may feel it is not what they want to do.  It’s anenormous learning experience.

Summer Camp:  How teenagers spend their summer break will create memories that they may savor for the rest of their lives.  For teens who have the opportunity to attend summer camp it will give them the chance to bond with other teens their age and in some cases may even build life-long friendships.  If your teen attended camp as a child he/she may be ready to work as a Junior Camp Leader.  Whether your teen attends as a participant or a Camp Leader, a summer camp opportunity will allow them to spend their summer in an extremely productive way.

Part-time work:  Some teens may be ready to join the work force, working will provide them with the opportunity to build their confidence and make some pocket money.  Teens will most likely find work in retail or fast food restaurants.  Some may even have the chance to work with family or friends who own a business.

Finding significant and challenging experiences for your teen during the summer can make them feel happy and most importantly productive, these experiences will likely teach them useful life lessons too. For more ideas try this link.

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Swimming Games For Kids

Taking the kids swimming is a great way to ensure they are getting exercise and having fun at the same time.  Not only does playing in the pool build their confidence it teaches them a life lesson of not being afraid of the water.  Playing water games is a great incentive for them to want to go swimming.  Here are some easy and fun water games for you to play with the kids.

Swimming Games For Kids

Swimming GamesSimons Says:

Form a circle and one person will be Simon and he shouts out Simon says do a headstand, Simon says touch the bottom, Simon says do a role-poly.

If you don’t say “Simon says” before it and someone does it, they’re out. The  last one left is the winner, who will be Simon in the next game.

Treasure Toss:

Throw some coins into the pool, the children dive down to collect them and get to keep the coins.

Water Ball Relay:

A ball must be transported between players they can only use their heads.  The aim is to not let the ball fall into the water

Ring a’ Ring O Roses:

Everyone stands in a big circle and holds hands, you start skipping in the same direction and sing ring a ring o roses which goes like this:

Ring a ring o roses

Pocket full of posies

A tissue, a tissue

We all fall down

When you get to the end of the song you all duck under water or all jump up.

Shark Attack:

Everyone lines up against the side of the pool. You can be the shark and everyone else is a fish. Then, when you shout ‘Shark!’, all the fish swim off to get away from you.

After everyone’s escaped, shout ‘Fish!’ and go and try to catch the fish. As soon as you catch one, they are the shark and have to go and catch a fish!

Deep Dive!

See if you can touch the bottom of the pool with one hand. How about two hands? If that was easy, how about sitting on the bottom and watching your bubbles float to the top.  Wear goggles to make it easier.

Swimming Through Legs!

Stand in a star shape with someone facing you. Then they have to try and swim under water through your legs – make sure you open your legs wide enough! Then it’s your turn.

What’s the time Mr. Shark?

Everyone lines up against the side of the pool.  One person is Mr Shark and that person stands on the other side of the pool with their back to everyone.  They all shout out together, “What’s the time Mr Shark?” and you have to shout back the time.  If you shout “1 o’clock!” they all have to take 1 step towards you. If you shout “4 o’clock!” they have to take 4 steps, and so on.  After they’ve asked you a few times, you can shout “Dinner time!” and try and catch someone to eat.

Make sure you don’t do it too early, or they’ll all make it back to the other side. When you do catch someone, it’s their turn to be Mr Shark and try to eat someone!

Hope your kids enjoy this selection of water games. Here are a few more ideas for games

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